Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ultra Sound Rain

Her mouth was a bed of cotton and
Whispy skin dusted from her arms,
Falling to the floor like some
Forgotten race.
A cracked Earth stench
Came rushing up,
Blowing back her hair and
Draining her vision with
Uncomfortable landscape.
Her withered feet-
Rooted to a decade of venom-
Taunted her thirst with blight.

You, the unbarren,
The weighty branches of fruit trees,
Engorged resoviors, the
Product of backseat accidents.
You're laughing right now
Out the sides of your eyes
saying, "Overreaction! Farce!
Melodrama! Self-Absorbed!"


Today this soil throbs with
Multiple heartbeats.

For Nicki and Tyson

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