Thursday, August 04, 2005

Zion is Fled

Last night Christy and I finished recording a version of one of my songs, based on the prophet Enoch. These are the words:

Why is it that I have found favor?
Counted worthy to stand, worthy to labor?
Bearing the youth of a man
Hated for all that I am
Yet I know flesh becomes clay when in His hands

One heart and one mind, one as a people
Found under one roof, under one steeple
Safely taken home
To heaven's high abode
Zion is fled and taken into His own.


(Moses 6:31-32, 7:18, 69)
Anyone interested in hearing it, drop a comment and I will be happy to email a version of it to you.


Anonymous said...

hey i saw you on the Sufjan message board because you'd graduated from BYU with an English major. I'm actually going up there in the fall for that same major. I'd be interested in hearing this song.

pharen said...

Hey Les,
I'd love to hear that song. I've been reading your blogs religiously. You're a talented chump.

guitarbentley said...

I just read that in Moses. I Googled "zion is fled" to see what other people had to say about it and came across this.. I'd like to hear your song if that's alright