Monday, September 18, 2006

Majesty Snowbird and the Chinese Butterfly Brigade

Here is a video link to a portion of Sufjan Steven's new song "Majesty/Snowbird" courtesy of Chris at Gorilla Vs. Bear. I'm a sucker for this stuff. It's no secret that I think Sufjan is nigh on untouchable, and this clip gives me chills. Rumor has it that this song is a ten minute anthem of sorts, and I can't wait to hear the entire thing.


Stay tuned for November 21st, when Sufjan releases a 5 disc boxed set Christmas album, which includes 42 Christmas tunes (17 of which are originals). Among the titles are the following, "That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!", "Come on! Let's Boogie to the Elf Dance!", "Hey Guys! It's Christmas Time!", and "Get Behind Me Santa."

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