Monday, June 04, 2007

Bob and Daniel and Daniel

Last week I watched three documentaries. Rockumentaries. Whatever. Bob Dylan - Don't Look Back, Danielson - A Family Movie, and The Devil and Daniel Johnston.

Don't Look Back is an interesting, and from what I understand classic, look at Bob Dylan. Undeniably an absoulte force and touchstone in the musical world. It is fascinating to see how wrapped up he is in his own persona (or frustrated by it?). He has the walls of defense raised so carefully that one cannot ask him a straightforward question without mockery, disclaimer, or getting it thrown back in their face somehow. Therefore his personality lends itself to good film and good drama.

Danielson - A Family Movie is a great look at an artist trying to figure out how to reconcile his art with his spirituality. This film isn't as multi-dimensional as the others, but it is exciting to see an artist in the middle of his artistry, getting ideas for projects and carrying them out with a particular vision. Though I'm not really a fan of Daniel Smith's vocal styling, nor his music for the most part, it was well worth the watch.

The film that was the most thought provoking for me was The Devil and Daniel Johnston. Each of these films felt very different from the other, and I enjoyed each in its own right, but this one displayed the whole package of Daniel's humanity in all its beauty, power, and sadness. I'm definately a late comer to this party, but enjoyed it so much. This is such a compelling story and at every turn Daniel Johnston threatens to spin to his demise. Wonderful peice of filmmaking.


James said...

We have the Dilan movie on our Netflicks but I will now have to check out the others. Thanks for the breakdown on each.

Beingandy said...

I own the Dylan movie I love those beligerent interviews. I have been listening to Daniel Johnston for a while and have heard of the movie I'm glad to hear it's good.