Thursday, July 12, 2007

Into the Wild

It's been a few years since I read Jon Krakauer's account of the misadventures of Chris McCandless (Alex Supertramp). It was one of those books that occupied my thoughts for days after I'd finished it. There was romance in the journey of this young man. His quest for enlightenment went beyond simplification, beyond masochism. However misguided and extreme, I really sympathized with some of the ideals that consumed him.

Now we will be able to watch Into the Wild play out on the silver screen. Screenplay written and directed by Sean Penn and the soundtrack by Eddie Vedder. It will be interesting to see if the film will be able to dredge up the humanity the same way the book seemed to balance so well.

Release Date: September 21, 2007


ali said...

No way! Eddie Vedder?

I think the photography on the poster looks awesome. What a classic, cool image. (And yes, I do judge books/movies by their covers).

Nick said...

This is going to be amazing (I hope)!