Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Data Freak

I've had my iPod for 603 days and the stats say that I've listened, on average, to 1 hour and 19 minutes per day.

Total Minutes Listened: 47,816.39
Total Plays: 12,652
Songs on my iPod: 7,542
Songs never listened to: 3,139 (that's kinda sad)
Number of songs with double digit listens: 206
Song with the Most Listens: Sufjan Stevens: Come on Feel the Illinoise (43)

The numbers are a bit skewed because it doesn't count as a play if you listen to 90% of a song and then skip to the next one.

A lot of the songs that I haven't listened to are really great, but for whatever reason don't get a lot of playing time. Artists like Cat Stevens, Gillian Welch, Led Zeppelin, Beck, etc. You really get an idea for what you gravitate to most. There's no hiding what I've liked most over the past two years. For example Yo Yo Ma gets more P.T. than Wilco. Who knew?

Maybe this is kind of creepy, but I wish I had stats like this for my entire life. That way I would know how many times I've listened to AC/DC's "Back in Black" or Bryan Adams sing "(Everything I Do) I Do it For You".


James said...

Those are some pretty amazing stats. That would be sweet to have stats like this for your entire life.

Les said...

Absolutely! I keep thinking how awsome it would be to know life stats....how many times I've said such and such cuss word, or looked at sunsets, or how many cartwheels I've done.