Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shadows Of My Kin

Take away the bloody streets
Take away the howl
Put into each vacant place a sound

Voiceless babies in the breech
Voiceless parents pray
Rising up in the muted throat to say

My home is getting cold, my clothes are wearing thin
Outside the window I see shadows of my kin

Take away the vampire dreams
Take away the moon
Nightfall brings a haunting to my room

Spirits burning in the back
Fleshy eyes on fire
Come with me and I'll wash you in a mile

This state is a long wait, it's a broke gate for you
This state is a long wait, I will be finding you


Colby said...

Yes. ...yes.

Christy said...

I love this. So, when did you write it?

Alicen said...

So I was wondering when and how one could go about getting thier hands on a CD of your music? See my plan is to market it to an agent somewhere and make lots of $$$$$. Fantastic.

and p.s. how do you hide these things from Christy or is it just really cold in your house and she walks around with ear muffs on???

Les said...

Truth be known, I'm not confident enough to write music while other people are within earshot (let alone play it most of the time). So after Gus goes down and when Christy is involved in something I'll retreat to a seculeded corner of the house and do my thing.

Your poor agent will soon find out that only 5 or 6 people are interested. Someday, when I get ambitious, I'll put together some mediocre recordings and give them to you.

Tim said...

Holy crap. That is awesome. We all gathered around to listen to it.
So... I am growing weary of listening the The Cure and The Smiths for the last 18 years. I think I have finally found a replacement.

Anonymous said...

You are too modest! Before I saw that you wrote it, I thought, is this one of the songs from the "Twilight" CD?
You could definitely make a CD and make lots of money!

Nicole said...

This is great, Les. I also enjoyed "Something Worth Saving." You're just so talented!

mfranti said...


i lub it.