Friday, February 27, 2009

Nerd is such a limiting label...

...for Ken Jennings. And I suppose, by virtue of this post, I'm outing myself as a nerd as well. But one of my favorite blogs to read is Ken's. We have similar tastes in music and film, and he is always witty. We've all seen "Thankful Thursday" posts, right? How about trying one of Ken's "Wordplay Wednesdays" or other random mind games! His (probably oversized) brain is constantly turning over trivia, categorizing things in bizzare ways. For example, I'm linking you to two sets of lists. If you are neither bookish, nor a music enthusiast, these probably won't be very interesting. But I really enjoyed both.

The best American novels set in each of the fifty states:
Part One
Part Two

The best musical artist/group formed in each of the fifty states:
Part One
Part Two


Tim said...

I think most people figured you for a nerd long before you "outed" yourself on this post. I hope that your feelings aren't hurt.

Quinn and/or Lauralee said...

Holy cow, I never even knew that Ken Jennings had a blog. Bless you, Les Blake, for enlightening me. I'm a total Ken Jennings-ite.


Avery said...

Um, Why isn't the Les Blake band on that list? We all know you are wildly talented and amazing. I still stand firm in my belief that you should be on American Idol. Come on, what's the hold up? You could go all the way! (Although you may be too old now... sorry)

Les said...

Tim, you have indeed hurt my feelings. All this time I've thought I was cool, and now you go and pop my bubble.

Quinn, I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Avery, now let's not be silly.