Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Personal Motto

I won't tell you how I got there, but Google landed me on a wiki article detailing some very useful instructions on how to choose a "personal motto". I found the idea very fascinating. Here you go:

Step 1. Decide what kind of person you are. Your motto should have something to do about what you like to do, or enjoy being a part of.

Step 2. Choose a motto that no one else has! It is important that no one else has the same motto, do not choose theirs, and do not tell them yours, until you have it.

Step 3. Don't over-use your motto. You don't want to walk up to someone and just blurt out your motto. It's all about having one when the time is right!

Step 4. Add your motto to the bottom of your emails as a daily reminder.

Brilliant! Sure, step 2 contradicts itself (can't tell it if I don't have it). And nevermind that step 3 (which is completely awesome) contradicts step 4. And don't worry that it isn't very clear why one would need a personal motto in the first place, or in what circumstance it would be "right" to reveal that motto (since this is what it's all about). I'm thinking I should get one.

I know I'm breaking the secrecy implied in step 2, but...any ideas?


Quinn and/or Lauralee said...

Can't help you with a motto. If you need help with a slogan, a credo, a vision, a mission statement, a policy, or mantra...let me know.


Tim & Des said...

Here's something to get you started... "my wife dresses me." Is that even a motto?

Nick said...

"A writer writes". Do you think Billy Crystal would sue?

Desistar said...

I like "live your life with no regrets." This is a motto I would like to perfect in my own life. Unfortunately, the mistakes I make are beneficial to the actual realization of wanting to "live life with no regrets".
This is a great subject to think on though.