Sunday, February 21, 2010

Have Two On Me

She's pretty weird, very eloquent, and has that voice. She is also an excellent songwriter. Check out these two little beauties below from her upcoming triple album "Have One On Me". Ridiculously good.

Joanna Newsom: Good Intentions Paving Company (mp3)

Joanna Newsom: Jackrabbits (mp3)


jomama said...

yes! thanks for sharing these. i've been hearing such good things about her new album. for me, joanna newsom has been a little bit of an acquired taste, but i think these two songs are amazing.

Les said...

I see where you're coming from with regards to "acquired taste". My wife still can't stand listening to her. For some reason her music has always resonated with me.

But, the first time I watched a video interview with her I wanted to bang my head against a wall. It almost ruined her music for me, so I've stopped watching those. :)

charith said...

Hey Les! How's life? I just stumbled on to your blog. Looks like we're listening to a lot of the same jams. My husband took me to a little "concert" in SLC a few years ago and JoAnna Newsom was playing along with GoatBoy. Oops, I mean, Devendra Banhart or whatever. She was by far my favorite of the evening and I was glad to sit through the bleating in order to hear her harping. (Can you tell I'm not a goat boy fan?)
Nice to see you on the internets!

Les said...


What a pleasant surprise! Thanks for stopping by.

Devendra Banhart (Goat Boy!). When those two albums of his dropped (NiƱo Rojo and Rejoicing in the Hands, it think)whenever that was years ago, I went out and bought them without having ever sampled anything. People were talking like it was fantastic stuff, so I figured I was safe. Well, I was not safe. And within the week I think I had given them away.

So. I'm with you on Goat Boy.