Monday, November 15, 2010

"Dad rock" yes I know. Generally I don't get too into The National, because all their songs sound pretty much the same, all sharing a tempo without too much variation in emotion one way or another. But, I absolutley love this song! And a beautiful (tragic?) elegy to a spendthrift culture: "I still owe money to the money to the money I owe."

The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio (mp3)


Anonymous said...

Good song with a great chorus. Writing interesting melodic verses isn't his specialty it seems. I was not happy with their latest album release, especially when looking for the next "fake empire." That song is cool.

A few nice lyrics, such as "i was carried away to Ohio in a swarm of bees." Fun imagery, but not enough. I want my imagination heighten to their soundtrack-esque sound.

Les said...

Fake Empire > Bloodbuzz Ohio

for sure.

The frustrating thing with this band is...I think...I want him to just bust out and scream or at least sing super lound sometimes. And he never does. Sometimes a good loud human noise is called for.

Anonymous said...

Good call. Might as well replace the singer with a robot, or an adorable little puppy.