Friday, April 27, 2007

Carry Me Back Home

Here is an mp3 of Christy and I performing one of my songs live last weekend.

mp3: Carry Me Back Home

Take out this new tower from the sky
Make my tongue fly straight and far and high
Every heart is reddening in time

This city's full of dead folk still awake
Take us to another far away
Promise me a place I can feel safe

Lift this darkening veil off from my eyes
Touch these stones and make them glow with fire
Each surrender carries me back home

Burried like a secret in the sea
Crashing waves are screaming constantly
Reach your lengthy hand in rescuing

Land us safely on some foreign grass
Take the tide away with all our past
Its the very least that I can ask


Dede said... sound so good. It gave me the chills listening to it. You two are a great duo.

When you guys sang at your wedding lunch, I remember thinking how awesome you sound together...I think that was the last time I have heard you sing together. This was such a treat!

Les M. Blake said...


That means a lot to us! Thank you. Its not the best recording, and Christy is the one who carries the team.

Kirk Glancy said... guys sound GREAT. Les, you guys never cease to amaze me. Christy has such a beautiful voice and you are so talented.

James said...

I didn't know you guys sang together. That was good. Keep it up.

I wish I could sing but when I try it sounds like a mixture of Frankenstein, Tonto, and the Incredible Hulk.