Monday, April 02, 2007

O! McCarthy

The big news this last week was that esteemed author Cormac McCarthy will be appearing on Oprah, since she has chosen The Road, as the book club selection for the next month. What makes this big news isn't just the mere fact that she chose the book, but that McCarthy is insanely hermetic and practically never grants an interview (I think the last one was in 1992). It can be read here, and is pretty lame for the most part, as if the interviewer couldn't get much information so just gives a synopis of McCarthy's work to date.

The Road was an amazing book. Not for the faint of heart, as most his stuff is, and cringing in parts, but a great father/son tale of apocolypse and maybe even redemption?

I make fun of Christy's TIVO habits with Oprah, but I will be front and center for this one, ready for some insights as to what makes this wordsmith tick.

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Nick said...

ME TOO. I'm looking forward to this very much. I heard that Sept. was the date. Is that correct?