Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hit it Rockapella!

By my calculations, my Sufjan post counts have been a bit low lately, so I'll remedy that. When visiting the Asthmatic Kitty website today I discovered that Indie Blockedappella, voice only cover artists, have created a cappella versions of songs from each of the artists on the label. See the background behind the recordings here.

You can't deny that a lot of work went into these, and though I really doubt I'll be putting them on my iPod, it was fun to see what strangely ambitious individuals can do with a microphone and plenty of time on their hands. My favorites are:

In other indie a cappella news, check out what looks to be some young & dapper choir boys doing a rendition of Grizzly Bear's "Knife"


Christy said...

Is this the same group that Andy from The Office is a member of?

Kirk Glancy said...

I love Andy....Les check this out. After watching this i thought that we could create our own little group. Just think of the Christmas party this year!