Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Too Little Too Late

Admit it. We all love a good cover now and then. Especially an unexpected one. I love pop music, and I love indie music. When I find a good mix of the two it is like biting into a delicious Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.

This is how I felt when poking around on the internets today and discovering Daniel Rossen's (of Grizzly Bear fame) cover of Jo-Jo's (of teenie bopper radio fame) "Too Little Too Late".

Listen to Jo-Jo's first. If you can.

Listen to Daniel Rossen second.

I suppose this is why indie music won't be dying anytime soon. Check out the fun story behind the cover on Grizzly Bear's blog. Also there is a cool alternate version of a Feist tune and a very hipster best albums of the year list.


laceyJ. said...

Sweet! Thanks... have you listened to Grizzly Bear's cover of 'He Hit Me?' It's quite lovely too.

Tim said...

I am not a partaker of the Indie scene. When you were writing about the Grizzly Bear guy I was thinking of that guy with the long beard that used to wrestle around with Grizzly Bears. I am slightly disappointed, but I will listen anyway.

Tim said...

... the name I was looking for... Dan Haggerty aka Grizzly Adams.

You are definitely way over my head.

Les said...
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Les said...

Tim, you are absolutely right. I should be more careful with my words. There are many people who could qualify as "of grizzly bear fame." It is clearly you who are over my head, as I've always heard the term Grizzly Adams, but never really thought it was a real person. So there you go. It's Dan Haggerty.

Lacy, I haven't heard the cover you're referring to yet, but I'm going to look for it in about 30 seconds. Thanks for the tip!

Mandy said...

I love checking in on you guys every now and then. How are you? What's the latest? Pretty sad that it has been so long. I am wondering if Christy has a seperate blog. ??
I hope all is well, let's get together!