Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Love to Hear Luke Temple

You probably don't have any of Luke Temple's albums in your record collection. I only say that because according to Billboard magazine he has only sold upwards of 3,000 total copies of all his records combined. I'd never heard of him until last fall when I'd read that Temple's Snowbeast was listed as one of Sufjan Steven's favorite releases so far that year. That was good enough for me, so I downloaded it from eMusic. Although I thought it was enjoyable and interesting, I didn't think it was necessarily amazing. After a few listens, however, I was infected with something beautiful that I didn't quite understand. I decided to purchase everything else he's released. Now, after the slow, sincere incubation of winter and spring these songs have sprouted in me a fruit I can no longer devour alone.

Please listen. If you like, you should buy.


Alicen said...

Thanks for sharing Les, you're so unselfish with your good music finds. I really like what I hear.

Gretchen said...

Luke Temple sounds exactly like Department of Eagles. Check them out if you don't know of them already. (Maybe he is in the band?)
Good Music.

Beingandy said...

Wow I really like him. It's amazing how much good music is out there.