Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Moab - a Blaze of Glory

There might be other days during the year when Moab is hotter, but I doubt there are that many. We drove down with Kirk & Missy and Nick & Nicole for the weekend (sans Gus for the first time in his life!) and camped along the Colorado northwest of Moab. We spent a few hours in Arches National Park, ate some great camp food, owned some class one, two, and three rapids on a full day rafting trip, saw Get Smart, sweated it out in a six person tent, were breakfast and dinner for a thousand heat impervious bugs, contracted a mild sunburn, saw some dinosaur tracks, chucked rocks (I'll never grow out of that), ate s'mores, participated in a hand-stand contest, saw first hand how Moab has somehow attracted the likes of: Bon Jovi, Jason Patrick, Bill Murray, Rick Springfield, and Daredevil Dan (the failed daredevil nephew (?) of Evil Kanevil). Most people who know me know that I am somewhat proud to be a mere Life Scout, and that I don't go out of my way to be in the outdoors, but I do enjoy it. This trip wouldn't have been possible without the encouragement and planning of my REI loving friends. Thanks. Christy and I had a terrific time.

Delicate Arch

(L to R) Nicole, Nick, Missy, Kirk, Christy, Brad Pitt

Hitting some small rapids

Working some bigger white water

Christy laughing, probably at one of my funny stories

The ladies at Balanced Rock

Another shot of Balanced Rock

Kirk watches over his breakfast


Nick said...

Great Post ! Thanks for being a great friend and making this trip rock !!

Nick said...

Despite the fact that I was deathly ill - I still had a blast with you guys. Hope to do something like this every year! I smell a tradition in the making!

Kirk Glancy said...

nice post Les, I love the side shot of our raft. You look so "in the moment" flexing for the camera. look at the bend in that poor ore! Your side never let us down on the paddling! Thanks for a great trip!

Jen said...

I love Moab and haven't been in years! Glad you guys had a fun time. Great pictures!

Belladonna said...

RATS! After weeks of considering pros and cons of which river to take on next summer and FINALLY making a decision for a sweet spot in Idaho, now I see this and want to start reconsidering all over again. Will I ever get this raft trip booked???