Thursday, November 20, 2008

Something Worth Saving

It’s dark inside, all over inside me
Outside the blood irrigates that hillside
Growing grass

Grass that grows in churchyards everywhere
Washing fingers clean, break clean
Like bones were broken

If I could only
Make the tray a garden place
I’d bury it in pieces fit
For mouths to pluck it up like fruit
To fill not just this suit, and peel my past away

I’m scraping for a light down inside me
Some weighted thing, mine enough to handle
Something worth saving

If I could only
Make this tray a well so deep
It pulls away the lakes and seas
For mouths to drink it down and
Flood at last, the blood will drown my past away

I'll take you in my heart today, and hope that it's enough to save


Alicen said...

goosebumps on my arms, a tear on my cheek. Loved it, Les.

Colby said...

...nothing to say. Only that I've listened. Only that I've heard.

Les said...

Thanks for the nice words you two. I wish I could make it sound like I hear it in my head, but my voice doesn't come with auto tuner.

pharen said...

That is incredible Les. Oh how I would love a concert in my living room just like old times at Birch House.

Joe said...

Only now did I realize that this is a song. Must not have loaded the file on my other computer, and I thought it was a poem. A wonderfully dark poem. But it has a song attached!

I hope there's more where this came from.

Les said...

Thanks Joe. Coming from a poet such as yourself, that is a kind compliment. I wanted to portray what the sacrament taking experience is sometimes like for a sinner such as myself.