Monday, November 24, 2008

Maid to Order

Christy has been out of town for the last four days, and I got to spend almost every waking moment with Gus, single parent style. We did lots of boy stuff: wrestle, eat bratwursts and watch football, get tatoos, drink beer, bash in mailboxes with baseball bats, etc. We had a really good time, actually, but I became acutely aware of the personal sacrifices that Mom's make. I'm not just talking about watching the trailer to Madagascar 2 twenty times in a row. Full time parenting demands so much time, energy, emotion, patience, and passion. And it is very rewarding, but not too easy and I only did it for a few days knowing that things would turn back to normal come Monday. I hope that Christy feels balance. If not we/I need to make every effort to ensure that she does. As Gus was walking around the kitchen with a belly full of Werther's Original mints, a diaper full of poop (not so minty), a transparent bucket on his head, and some chocolate pie stuck to the bottom of his shoe, I started thinking about maids.

One for Me

One for Christy


mfranti said...

minty poop?

i was thinking that you should work out some sort of bartering deal with belle

she could watch gus for a few hours like she does but intead of paying her, you guys could give her some other service in return. you'd have to work that out with her (like take her shopping with you)

so that sounds like a mom trying to get rid of her kid-not so. i was just thinking she's handy to have around but sitters are expensive.

anyways, great story. glad you had fun and super duper glad you appreciate your partner.

Quinn and/or Lauralee said...

I used to watch Emma one day a week when I was on a 4-day workweek. Emma was little then. Now if I spend a Saturday afternoon with her, it's exhausting. I spent a whole weekend alone with her earlier in the month and I was counting down the minutes until Laura got back. I don't know if I could make it 4 whole days now. But it's good to have these experiences to remind us what angels our wives are!