Thursday, August 10, 2006


I had a birthday over the weekend--the big two eight. Kindof made me feel old, but not as depressed as last year. A few days ago I recieved a great email from Colby Stead, a "steadfast" friend. I wanted to post it here, just to prove the tender nature of friends who surround me:

You have created a life, but this is a day to celebrate yours. Les, there isn't anyway I can match the elegance and grace of the Birthday Wish that you wrote for me. To some small degree it seems that I need a song structure or a rhyming scheme to emotionally express myself. Well, this is far from a song and or a poem, this is nothing more than an acknowledgment.

1. The act of admitting or owning to something.
- There are many things that I need to admit and or own up to, both in my life and in our friendship. For instance, the debacle with David. That was something that I think about often. Les, I am sorry that you (and yourreputation) was dragged into that situation. I never wanted and or meant for that to happen.

2. Recognition of another's existence, validity, authority, or right.
- So many things about you deserve recognition. Your music, your humor, your writing, your insight... I could go on & on. And as for your existence? Two nights ago I walked into the dining room and heard Makenzie singing (and watching) the video of you and Christy on the website. "I love this song Colby" is what she said. Your existence is very important to me and all of those that love (and that are entertained & enlightened by) you.

3. An answer or response in return for something done.
- Of all the things you have done for me Les, one major thing stands out. Your acceptance. Your acceptance of me and our friendship is something I will be forever grateful for. I have had many friendships come and go with time; not able to withstand the tests of it. We are very different in
many ways, but somehow someway we continue to find common ground. Constantly you compromise to meet me more than in the middle. Your willingness and your patience is something that I am continually amazed & touched by.

4. An expression of thanks or a token of appreciation.
- As stated above, I didn't want to make you a video, or write you a song; I just wanted to honestly express and acknowledge our friendship (and your birthday)!

5. A formal declaration made to authoritative witnesses to ensure legal validity.
- ....Ughhh? Does a friendship NEED legal validation? Continually you validate me and my music. Again, that is something that I am so grateful for. I appreciate your mind so much, so anytime that mine creates something that you admire, I am humbled. Songs on i-pod lists, a link to The Rifleman, a request in your living room, all of these things do not go unnoticed. You help validate me in many ways, wether you know it or not. Have a wonderful day Les. I hope that it is full of lead-free laughter, care-free chocolate, insecurity-free singing, and last but not least... Acknowledgment.

With Love

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